The Human Side of Change

Presented on: October 18th at 12:00 PM EDT

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The Human Side of Change is a highly interactive workshop focused on how to lead and support individuals and teams through the change process.  This session focuses on understanding how the brain responds to change, how to let go of the past, navigate the uncertainty between what’s known and unknown, and develop a growth mindset to embrace the new. 

Workshop Components

  • Understanding the neuroscience behind accelerating people’s adoption of change
  • Identifying key elements of driving both large and small-scale change
  • Shift mindset from change to transition and learn how to manage the three stages of the transition process proactively
  • Applying the concept of Growth Mindset to self and team


About the Facilitator: As an experienced leadership coach and leadership program facilitator, Deb Becker develops leaders to lead with IMPACT – Inclusivity, Mindset, Purpose, Authenticity, Courage, and Trust. As a coach, Deb helps mid-to-senior level leaders move from awareness and discovery to reflection and action to achieve their desired goals. This approach allows leaders to increase their self-awareness, understand their impact on others and determine the best path forward for effective change. A dynamic facilitator, she leads highly interactive virtual and live programs that span a range of leadership topics. She guides participants in personally connecting with content to gain and develop insights, skills, and behaviors to lead themselves and their teams more intentionally. Deb is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF), having trained through the NeuroLeadership Institute. She is also certified in multiple leadership assessments, including the Hogan Leadership suite, Leadership Versatility Index 360, Coaching Mindset Index, Team Effectiveness Survey, and the Intercultural Development Inventory. Deb has 20 years of experience in leadership and career development, coaching, facilitation, DEI, team building, and facilitation. She also has her MILR degree from Cornell University and a BA from Syracuse University.